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Unlocked Presents:
Checkout Popup

Tap any CTA and up pops your checkout form!

These effects can be activated for ALL Call-to-Action buttons in your page, as well as offer cards without a CTA!

It's a great added feature as it means you can have multiple checkout popups on one page depending on your different offers instead of being limited to the one that Kajabi has natively.

See examples below of:
Call-to-Action block
Offer Card
Pricing Card
Text Block

...all with the ability to link to the same or different offers.

Use our Custom Section to enable a checkout pop-up for any  of your Calls-to-Action.

See examples below of Call-to-Action block, Offer Card, Pricing Cards, Feature, Text Block.


£30 GBP


  • Click button to see checkout pop-up
  • Edit in Call To Action settings section
  • Check the box for "Do you want to show checkout popup?"
  • Select Offer from the drop down of all your Offers


And off course you can word your CTA as you wish

Click button to see our pop-up