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Stacks of content in one section, without viewer overwhelm. How? Tabs. Add images, lists, all the information you want, for immediate access without a new window or scrolling.

Add the code to your page or take this one and fill it with your product info.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7

Complex Data All In One Page

Tabbed Content gives you the ability to be simple and clear.

  • Schedules
  • Course Programming
  • Production
  • Personnel
  • User Manuals
  • Easily referenced, easily hidden

How do we use it?

Open the feature for editing by logging in then

  • Click Website
  • In the its expanded menu click Pages
  • Landing will open, Click on your page's title, or search by name
  • Click on the NAME of the page, and it will open with an editing menu down its left side

Now Click on Course Content

Course Content will open

  • and show you 7 Course Content sections
  • Each one is for a different Module of the 7 you start with
  • Cick on one, and its editing bar will open, scroll down to see all you can do
  • Any changes you make, click the blue Save button before moving on!

Add as Many As You Need

Or delete those you don't

  • "Hide" is a better option than Delete because you can always reactivate all the detail with one click
  • Image is simply changed, just Select Image and upload or choose one from your Kajabi recents
  • The images you see here are 1080 x 1620, which you can define in any graphic design software
  • Open another tab with the page in Preview mode by logging in and clicking the Eye icon on your page's line
  • This way you can see the effect of all your saved editing, whenever you refresh the preview

Text is edited in the Text Box

To keep the font size, boldness, etc:

  • Click halfway through a word that's already there and start typing, or paste in your copy
  • Then delete the excess
  • Leaving your text exactly as the design feature
  • Which saves creating it all from scratch and trying to find matching sizes and colours

Bullet Icons

We can change bullet icons to any image

  • Go to LI List Icon above the Text box
  • Click Select Image
  • From the drop down choose to Upload New or Recent File
  • Recent File is the most recent of your Kajabi uploads, for rapid copying across
  • Duplicate to carry it forward

What are the benefits?

Complex information is displayed simply.

  • Clear display means clear-headed client
  • Multiple reference without leaving the page
  • Hides the detail until it's asked for
  • Imagery keeps the viewer in optimal learning mode
  • Easy for you to make and adjust