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UNLOCKED Presents:

Testimonial Sliders

We have Horizontal Style and below it is Vertical Style -

Check out the testimonials themselves for feature benefits and editing guidance!


"Write your own text for as many testimonials as you wish, with a different square image or logo for each. You can even change the colour and size of the heading, body font and client name!"

Peter Paget


"Cut and Paste the text from wherever they sent it to you, and add their name under Name. Gain an inspiring statement from the testimonial to highlight the key statement from your client."  

David Definite


"These Horizontal testimonial blocks will slide periodically to the next, or you can tap the buttons at the bottom to slide the next in."

Jennifer Juniper

Once in a lifetime experience

"Even the briefest of visitors gets a good impression - The sliding feature lets a viewer know you have many positive testimonials, even without actually reading the detail."

Victor Verified


"Let's get your business the credibility it deserves by gathering your satisfied customers' comments in a beautifully presented and effective feature."

George Genial

UNLOCKED Testimonial Sliders - Vertical Style!

"You can adjust the colour of the font, just select your text in the Text section, and click on Text Colour (hover over the button with the underlined A)."

Patty Preferrable

"Yes, these are SVG backgrounds, Scalable Vector Graphics, which are adjustable in the editing bar, by clicking on SVG Color and SVG Height in each Testimonial Section."

Charlie Chops

"The text is pre-programmed to be italicised, per the convention for testimonials, reviews, quotations etc."

Dorothy Delighted

"Adjust the text size in Formats if you want one to really stand out!"

Derek Dominant

"These are all colored according to the UNLOCKED branding, which of course you can change to yours in Settings."

Steve Subtle

"This is a great way to demonstrate how much of a hit you are with your customers, with several sliding in at a time."

Harold Hover

"You've earned the praise, go shout it from the rooftops!"

William Wanted