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Introducing the UNLOCKED

Scrolling Device

This is our new feature which allows you to show text and images in their own scrolling animation, embedded in a device graphic!

Download our theme or add the code to your existing page.

Just hover and scroll...

Here's the text you can enter into the Text Image editing box, perhaps to show customers what your product will look like in their device. Add Images by picking any image already in your Kajabi, right click Copy Image and Paste it here like this:

Type your text or Copy and Paste text from wherever you choose.

Using the iPad feature with a width of 4 blocks, it appears as a Cellphone... with 7 blocks a Tablet. Have a 2nd tab open in Preview of your page while editing so you always what know the final look will be.

And here's the same feature using another frame, or Absolute Image, as a demo of how your product will appear to customers, or as a unique vehicle for your content.

To edit, just open in Outline, and type, copy and paste text or images from your Kajabi.

For example you could go to any Image box and click on Select Image, then Select a Recent File, and your Kajabi album will pop-up... right click on your image and Copy Image, then Paste it into the Text Image box.

You can adjust the Width - # columns to tailor the shape of the device that works for you.

11 columns is Macbook shape, 7 columns iPad.

To add a unique image, such as a screenshot you just took, Add Content / Image, and upload your Image, Copy Image, and Paste it here, like this:

And add as many devices as you wish by duplicating and editing as in the image above. Enjoy!